4 NFL Draft prospects the Panthers will miss out on in 2021

(George Frey/Pool Photo-USA TODAY Sports) Zach Wilson
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Micah Parsons – LB (Penn State)

This one might not be so cut and dried, although it would be a huge surprise if Micah Parsons was still around at No. 9 overall. The Penn State linebacker is a force to be reckoned with at the second level and seems tailormade to fill the void left by legendary linebacker Luke Kuechly after his shock retirement earlier this year.

However, Jermaine Carter might have something to say about that.

The Carolina Panthers have gotten some exceptional production from the 2018 fifth-round pick after they finally removed Tahir Whitehead from the starting role and the decision-makers would be facing quite the predicament if Parsons somehow made it just outside the top-10.

There is plenty to like about the way Parsons goes about his business. He is a supreme athlete who plays every down as if his life depends on it, demonstrating the sort of versatility that makes him able to impact a game on a three-down basis.

Parson’s draft stock is only going to surge once the testing period begins. His high character will also go down well during interviews with prospective teams and this will leave Carolina out of luck if they identify him as a player of interest.

You cannot teach players how to lose. But it doesn’t detract from some outstanding college prospects passing the Panthers by next spring.