4 veteran QBs who could compete with Teddy Bridgewater in 2021

(Photo by Will Newton/Getty Images) Teddy Bridgewater
(Photo by Will Newton/Getty Images) Teddy Bridgewater /
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Teddy Bridgewater
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Tyrod Taylor – Los Angeles Chargers

Tyrod Taylor has some awful luck this season. He was slotted to start for the Los Angeles Chargers before a punctured lung caused by a team doctor saw him forced to spend time on the sidelines and thrust Justin Herbert into the starting position.

The rest, as they say, is history.

Herbert has been an absolute revelation for the Chargers and has franchise quarterback written all over him. This has left Taylor firmly on the outside looking in through no real fault of his own, which is all part of the cutthroat world of the NFL.

If the Carolina Panthers are intent on bringing in some competition for Teddy Bridgewater during the offseason, then Taylor should be high on the shortlist. He is athletic, has a cannon for an arm, and is experienced enough to slot into almost any scheme at the drop of a hat.

Taylor made a massive impression on his teammates in Los Angeles during training camp, which makes his predicament all the more unfortunate. The signal-caller isn’t going to cost the earth once he inevitably becomes available on the free-agent market, which is something else that would attract Carolina if they opted to go in this particular direction.