Matt Rhule shouldn’t have to explain his desire to win

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Matt Rhule doesn’t owe anybody an explanation

Matt Rhule was well within his right to explain his desire to change the culture. But the simple fact of the matter is he didn’t need to.

Every professional worth their salt is always fighting to win. The Carolina Panthers are no different as as running back Mike Davis said post-game, they don’t care about draft picks.

Leave that for the front office to worry about.

The Carolina Panthers are still getting a top-10 selection, which has brought some fantastic success in recent years. The likes of Christian McCaffrey, Luke Kuechly, and Derrick Brown were the most recent picks to fall into this bracket, and they didn’t turn out too badly at all.

Who’s to say that a No. 3 pick is a guaranteed slam dunk. Outside of Trevor Lawrence and Penei Sewell, every prospect has their own questions to answer, and the list of first-round busts coming from this number is long.

The Panthers need another strong draft next spring to further boost their rebuild. There should be a new general manager in place by this time to work alongside Rhule is bringing in prospects that fit their way of thinking, which is winning at all costs and building from the bottom up.

Rhule shouldn’t care about what people on the outside looking in are saying. His primary objective is to make the Panthers better step by step and hopefully, this ethos will pay dividends in the years to come.