Could the Carolina Panthers trade for Deshaun Watson?

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(Photo by Carmen Mandato/Getty Images) Deshaun Watson /
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Will Deshaun Watson be traded?

Stranger things have happened in the NFL.

But this would be one of the biggest bombshells in recent memory.

Besides, even if Deshaun Watson did push for a trade elsewhere, the Carolina Panthers aren’t in any sort of position to be meeting what would be nothing short of astronomical demands.

They are tied to Teddy Bridgewater until 2022. So the best avenue Carolina has of potentially upgrading the position would be to select a top prospect coming out of the college system this year.

This is a self-made situation thanks to the decision-makers’ choice to hand the signal-caller a lengthier deal than was necessary and if they miss out on a player like Watson as a result, it would be nothing short of a disaster.

And the Panthers would only have themselves to blame.

Watson’s unhappiness is just rumors around league circles at this point, although he has every right to feel aggrieved at Bill O’Brien’s decision to trade away his best weapon in DeAndre Hopkins last year.

O’Brien is now long gone.

However, what comes next for Watson and the Texans will be largely dependent on the head coaching appointment. If it isn’t what the player wants, then it might just see one of the league’s best players on the trading block.