3 reasons the Panthers should risk it all for Deshaun Watson

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A player to ignite the Carolina Panthers

Things are pretty fractious right now between the Carolina Panthers and its loyal fanbase. A large section of them aren’t exactly enamored with the way things have been handled by the organization over the last year and another losing season with a disappointing quarterback hasn’t done much to lighten the mood.

Trading for Deshaun Watson would change that in an instant.

The Panthers are under enormous pressure to make this move. Not having a general manager in place certainly complicates matters. But that hasn’t stopped Matt Rhule from bringing in free-agent Dwayne Haskins for a visit and it shouldn’t prevent him from signing off on this type of bombshell deal.

It would take some mutual interest.

But there is little doubt it could propel the Panthers back into contention providing their long-term stability isn’t sacrificed.

They’d have to find a willing trade partner for Teddy Bridgewater, which would be immensely hard to do given his lack of consistency and the money owed on his contract. But the potential benefits of getting Watson to Carolina appear endless.

This is probably a pipe dream given the problems that the Panthers would need to overcome. However, if there is even the slightest chance, they have to go for broke.