Examining the aftermath of Luke Kuechly’s retirement 1 year on

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Kuechly’s adjustment to retirement

For someone who gave his life to the game of football, walking away entirely would have been the most difficult of decisions for Luke Kuechly. It’s clear that he still had a lot to offer the Carolina Panthers, but the juice simply wasn’t worth the squeeze in comparison to preserving his health long-term.

Credit to the Panthers, they recognized what an asset Kuechly could potentially become behind the scenes.

And they moved swiftly to keep him on the staff.

Kuechly has drawn rave reviews for his work as a pro scout this season. He was forgotten more about how the game works and specific schemes than most people will ever know.

This has clearly had a massive impact on younger members of the roster who can scarcely believe they get the chance to pick the brain of one of the NFL’s greatest-ever linebackers on a daily basis.

Leaving something you love is never easy.

However, considering how much Kuechly gave to the Panthers, he deserved to retire on his own terms and with all his faculties intact.