5 Panthers off the table in any potential Deshaun Watson trade

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Brian Burns – Carolina Panthers DE

Not only are the Houston Texans facing a concerning situation regarding Deshaun Watson, but there is also plenty of speculation surrounding the future of stud defensive end JJ Watt.

The future Pro Football Hall of Famer wasn’t shy in voicing his opinions regarding the commitment of coaching staff and roster members during the season, and a recent report suggested that Houston is “willing to accommodate and trade” Watt during the offseason.

This would be another major loss to the organization, so they’ll be looking to secure a long-term replacement at the earliest possible opportunity. That might mean a cheeky attempt to add Brian Burns to any potential trade package centering on Watson, which the Carolina Panthers should avoid at all costs.

Burns was an absolute revelation in his sophomore year and can now easily be considered as one of the league’s best edge rushers. His improvement in run support was a standout feature of his play and not being selected to the 2020 Pro Bowl was considered a significant snub.

Watson could change the entire fortunes of the franchise.

But giving up Burns in exchange would be unacceptable.

He has become the beating heart of Carolina’s defense since Luke Kuechly’s retirement. And the scary thing is he’s only going to get better.