Report: Deshaun Watson’s former QB coach joins Panthers staff

(Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports) Deshaun Watson
(Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports) Deshaun Watson /

The Carolina Panthers have appointed a new quarterbacks’ coach, who has a previous connection with Houston Texans signal-caller Deshaun Watson.

As it so happens, the Carolina Panthers‘ new quarterback coach has a previous relationship with the hottest name in the NFL right now. According to ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler, the organization appointed Sean Ryan as the man to replace Jake Peetz, who accepted the passing coordinator position with the LSU Tigers following a recommendation by Joe Brady.

Ryan’s ties to Watson will only fan the flames regarding a potential trade by the Carolina Panthers for the former first-round pick, who is becoming increasingly disillusion with Texans owner Cal McNair’s handling of team affairs and his lack of say regarding appointments this offseason.

Whether the Panthers have enough in the way of draft and player capital to get this sort of bombshell deal done is up for debate. But the fact Matt Rhule brought Ryan into the fold won’t do anything to quash the rumors anytime soon.

Sean Ryan has a big job ahead with the Carolina Panthers.

Rhule has, of course, worked with Ryan during their time together with the New York Giants, with the new appointment recently part of the Detroit Lions coaching staff before making the switch to Carolina.

Even if Watson doesn’t arrive at the franchise in the coming weeks, Ryan still has much work ahead of him.

Task No. 1 will be to try and improve the confidence of Teddy Bridgewater‘s confidence and skills if the Panthers are intent on moving on with their free-agent signing in 2021.

There is also the chance Carolina brings in a quarterback of the future during the 2021 NFL Draft. If this situation does become a reality, it will be Ryan’s job to ensure any incoming college recruit makes a smooth transition to the pros, build key skills, and is ready to step into the lineup at a moment’s notice.

However, the ideal scenario would be Watson’s arrival.

Ryan worked extremely closely with Watson from 2017-18 in Houston. The pair formed a close bond and this should almost guarantee the ex-Clemson phenom hits the ground running with the Panthers if they somehow manage to pull off this sensational trade.

There should be plenty more twists and turns to come in this saga.

Watson’s relationship with the Texans looks as if it’s past the point of no return and although there would be a host of teams looking to acquire the player, Carolina may have boosted their chances considerably by appointing Ryan.

This is a situation that Carolina’s fanbase will be watching with bated breath until a final conclusion is made. There is little doubting what Watson could potentially bring to the Panthers – but mortgaging their future when the salary-cap is coming down is a big risk whichever way one looks at it.

As for Ryan, this is a good opportunity and he brings a wealth of experience that should serve him well. But who he will be coaching is still very much up in the air.