4 Deshaun Watson trade offers that wouldn’t go down well

(Photo by Carmen Mandato/Getty Images) Deshaun Watson
(Photo by Carmen Mandato/Getty Images) Deshaun Watson /
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(Photo by Carmen Mandato/Getty Images) Deshaun Watson /

The draft pick dilemma

Fans love the NFL Draft. The excitement of who their respective teams will bring in from the college system after months of preparations is always one of the highlights of the league calendar. But even though the Carolina Panthers have hit some real home runs in the first round over the last few years, most other organizations aren’t as lucky.

Any package for Deshaun Watson is going to see some eye-popping draft capital. If Matthew Stafford and reportedly Carson Wentz are going for two firsts and more, imagine what the Texans will demand regarding a player who is one of the best in the business and only just entering his prime should they eventually decide he’s not worth the trouble.

The Panthers are rebuilding, and they’ve made a good start in their bid to become a postseason contender again.

However, this is an opportunity that could see them push all their chips into the middle of the table.

Four first-round picks would be just the start. Add a couple of second and fourth rounders and this is somewhere in the ballpark of what the Texans will consider.

Whether Carolina would jeopardize their current youth movement in favor of acquiring Watson is up for debate. Some fans won’t like it, but the simple fact of the matter is he is a sure-thing that is hard to get from an incoming college recruit, especially at the quarterback spot.