3 reasons Orlando Brown makes a ton of sense for Panthers

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Carolina Panthers
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Salary-cap friendly

Financial resources aren’t what any team around the league expected this offseason. COVID-19 complications regarding gameday revenue are seeing the salary-cap coming down for the first time in years and this is going to change the way organizations approach their recruitment in the coming weeks.

The Carolina Panthers are in a better position than some. But they’ll still have to be wary about overspending to get the right sort of players to their franchise.

A move for Orlando Brown would not only be a significant upgrade to any other left tackle on the roster.

It would also come with almost nothing in the way of commitment from a salary perspective.

Brown is heading into the final year of his rookie deal in 2021 and will make a base salary of just $920,000. He’s clearly outplayed his current contract, but the Panthers have the option to wait until 2022 for an extension or give him a deal that doesn’t kick in until the cap might look a little bit rosier this time next year.

This is yet another enticing element that shouldn’t be overlooked and might see Brown’s asking price go through the roof. Baltimore won’t want to lose such a talented player and certainly will not be giving him up on the cheap. So it’s going to take a bold move for any team to get their hands on the lineman.

However, in the Panthers’ case, the benefits are there for all to see. Even though this year’s draft class promises to be a deep one regarding offensive lineman, sure things entering their prime like Brown don’t become available too often.