4 all-in trade offers for the Panthers to land Deshaun Watson

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Carolina Panthers trade No. 4

As we have stated previously, the Carolina Panthers should try hard to get Deshaun Watson, but parting ways with Derrick Brown would be hugely controversial. The stud defensive tackle is one of the league’s best young players at the position and his influence would be significantly hard to replace if his rookie efforts were any indication.

Once again, these are not moves that we think Carolina should make.

But rather possible trades that come with “betting the farm”, so to speak.

Brown has the potential to become an indispensable member of the Panthers – if he isn’t already – and they should think twice about including him to secure Watson’s services.

However, the Houston Texans recently let their most dominant pass-rusher leave for pastures new in J.J. Watt, so the former Auburn standout’s name is going to come up if they eventually start taking calls.

Quarterback is the most important position on the field. But having someone to anchor the defensive line and impact a game in almost every way possible is another vital component to success.

Brown ticks all these boxes and more. So if this deal also included three draft picks, Donte Jackson, and a tag-and-trade with Curtis Samuel, Houston would have a hard time putting down the phone in all honesty.

Perhaps the Panthers would be better off building through the draft and taking their chances on a college signal-caller. These decisions don’t always work out, so a sure-thing like Watson is going to be strongly pursued even though the cost will be astronomical.