Why it’s hard to believe Matt Rhule on Teddy Bridgewater’s future

(Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports) Matt Rhule and Teddy Bridgewater
(Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports) Matt Rhule and Teddy Bridgewater /
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Teddy Bridgewater
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What next for Teddy Bridgewater?

Matt Rhule was right about one thing.

Teddy Bridgewater is focusing on what he can control and nothing else.

He’s been around the NFL long enough to know that it’s not always cut and dried where players are concerned. He’s been the subject of a trade once before that actually worked in his favor when the New Orleans Saints brought him on board, so this isn’t his first rodeo in this regard by any stretch of the imagination.

Bridgewater is a cool character who rarely lets things bother him. So all he will be doing is trying to improve in the weeks ahead and let the chips fall where they may behind the scenes.

If that is with the Carolina Panthers or elsewhere, then so be it.

Rhule said all the right things, as did Scott Fitterer, who is clearly going to be upfront with senior members of the roster during any potential moves they make in the coming weeks.

It’s so hard to trust Rhule’s statements after what we saw last season. Despite being a relatively inexperienced head coach at the next level he plays the game extremely well in front of the media, which is always the best way to go about business.

This will not stop the rumor mill from spinning until a formal outcome emerges regarding Carolina and its starting quarterback in 2021. If it does happen to be Bridgewater, he’ll be on a very short leash. But the smart money is still on the Panthers getting an upgrade at the earliest possible opportunity.