Will Cam Newton accept David Tepper’s offer to retire as a Panther?

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Cam Newton
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Will Cam Newton ever accept an offer from the Carolina Panthers to retire as a member of the team when he calls it a day?

It wasn’t just Greg Olsen and Thomas Davis that hogged the limelight during a memorable retirement ceremony for the duo where they signed one-day contracts to officially leave their professional careers behind as members of the Carolina Panthers. Former quarterback Cam Newton also hit the headlines despite not participating in any shape or form during the occasion, which brought up a question as to the level of resentment still being harbored by the signal-caller.

Newton wasn’t among the plethora of current and former players who sent good-will messages to the departing pair – instead opting to keep his messages private – and the topic of the 2015 NFL MVP possibly returning to retire as a Panther when his time comes was brought up by team owner David Tepper, who seemed intent on “bringing him home” when it’s all said and done.

"“We’ll bring the other guy back home. Don’t worry about that one day.”"

It doesn’t appear as if Newton is ready to call it a day anytime soon. His first year as a member of the New England Patriots following his messy departure from the Panthers came with mixed success and led many to speculate whether the former No. 1 overall selection’s time as a starter is now at an end.

There aren’t 32 signal-callers walking the earth that could be classed as better than Newton.

But the NFL is a what have you done for me lately business most of the time.

What comes next for Newton is unclear. There also appears to plenty of bridges that need to be rebuilt before he is ready to make a return to Carolina in a similar fashion to what we saw from Davis and Olsen in their emotional ceremony on Thursday.