Why the Carolina Panthers need to re-sign FB Alex Armah

(Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports) Alex Armah
(Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports) Alex Armah /

With many tough free-agent choices coming up, the Carolina Panthers need to make sure they lock down their backfield and re-sign Alex Armah.

The start of free agency for the Carolina Panthers officially begins this week, and the team will have a lot to look at. While the organization will be looking to sign new players, they should also retain some for specific positions.

Moving forward, the Panthers need to look at re-signing is Alex Armah. The fullback position has no depth and Carolina will need to fill this important position despite it being something of a dying breed across the NFL

Armah was used 145 times last season, making this the most he has played in a single campaign for the Panthers. He also accumulated 204 snaps on special teams.

His usage should be noted as a big reason why they need to retain him. During his previous four seasons, Armah rushed for 35 yards and three touchdowns.

Carolina Panthers should look beyond the stats with Alex Armah.

Armah may not have huge stat lines, but he’s been a huge asset in the run game. He saw 134 snaps last season as a run blocker, rushing six times and bringing in five receptions.

Fans have typically seen Armah only used in the short-yardage situations. In many such scenarios, the former West Georgia standout was able to pick up blocks that the offensive line missed in critical situations.

Armah managed to pick up five first downs off rushing attempts last season, which was the most he’d secured during his time with the Panthers. This means only one of his six rushing attempts did not end up moving the chains, which is another big factor that shouldn’t be overlooked when Carolina starts discussing which free agents to keep around.

What Armah has done on offense over the past four years looked completely different than when Carolina had Mike Tolbert.

He might not be used as much as Tolbert was. But Armah has been a key part of Carolina’s special teams.

Tolbert saw 471 snaps on special teams in five seasons, while Armah has had 868 in the past four seasons.

Armah was signed to a four-year $2.4 million contract in his rookie season. With this salary, he averaged $600,000 per year. Based on his previous contract, the Panthers should have no problem locking him down on another cost-effective deal.

There will not be many good fullbacks in free agency this year, so keeping Armah is the Panthers’ best chance at having a consistent player to utilize. Re-signing the dominant figure will take away the stress of filling this position and switching up special teams during an offseason period that is going to bring plenty of change to playing personnel once again.