3 reasons Deshaun Watson should sign-off on Panthers trade

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Deshaun Watson
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Deshaun Watson is the missing piece

Whether you’re a fan of giving up so much in the way of draft capital for Deshaun Watson or not, one thing that cannot be disputed is the NFL remains a quarterback-driven league and will be forevermore.

A case in point was the Carolina Panthers’ eventual record of 5-11. Teddy Bridgewater had some nice moments throughout the season, but his 0-8 record on game-winning or tying drives during the campaign is something that really cost his team and has the organization looking in a different direction after just one year of the former Louisville standout under center.

Now, there isn’t a chance on earth that Watson would have gone 0-8 in those games. He is simply too good.

Had the Panthers won even half of those eight contents, it would have resulted in a shock wildcard berth in an NFC that was relatively devoid of quality depth.

Simply put, you are nothing without a good quarterback.

And Watson is elite.

Yes, it’s going to cost the Panthers. But they have to shoot their shot if the Texans eventually start taking calls for their franchise player.

Providing they can attract the right sort of veterans in free agency and identify top college prospects who can make an instant impact at the next level, then Watson might be the missing piece to the puzzle.