3 pros and cons to the Carolina Panthers drafting Caleb Farley

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Caleb Farley’s untapped potential

There is just no telling how good Caleb Farley can be. He is a big play waiting to happen at any given moment on defense and if his eye-catching physical skills transition to the next level as expected, someone is going to have a real player on their hands.

It’s easy to forget that Farley is relatively new to the cornerback position. He began his football journey as a high school quarterback before arriving at the college scene and making the move over to wide receiver on the recommendation of coaches.

This didn’t exactly go according to plan. But the same cannot be said about his switch to the secondary, which brought almost instant results.

Farley’s experience playing two positions on offense enabled the player to hit the ground running, with his anticipation and ability to counteract any route especially evident from the off.

The ceiling is incredibly high where the prospect is concerned, of that there is little doubt. And the more in the way of reps he gets at cornerback, the better he will be.

Not playing the 2020 season may have hampered his ability to make an immediate impression in a professional environment. However, the Carolina Panthers sought athletic players like Farley last year and may very well do the same this time around.