2 FAs Carolina Panthers should pair with Donte Jackson and 1 to avoid

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Bashaud Breeland

  • 2020 team – Kansas City Chiefs

Bashaud Breeland was oh so close to joining the Carolina Panthers in the 2018 offseason, but an unfortunate accident and subsequent infection wrecked those chances. A failed physical led to the team moving on and the cornerback signed with the Green Bay Packers instead.

Since then Breeland has shown an underrated ability to cover and affect the pass, garnering a one-year deal each offseason for his performance. Keeping opposing quarterbacks to a completion percentage high of 51.5 percent to go along with two interceptions in each of those years should make any team’s mouth water and it’s a wonder that he remains unsigned.

A stat line that would look very nice alongside Donte Jackson’s.

Super Bowl experience is something that cannot be overrated as well, especially for a youth-filled team like the Panthers with little to no playoff games under their belt. Being able to lean on that experience both simply for the postseason, but also when going against the best passers in the league, should only make the secondary better.

While Breeland wasn’t considered the No.1 with the Kansas City Chiefs, the kind of numbers he has been able to put up should only blossom as the No. 2 in Carolina. If those interception totals continue on the track they have been on, the team could also be looking at another thieves’ avenue in the making.

One can’t blame any Panthers fan for looking back now at what could have been, hindsight is 2020 after all. But now Carolina has another chance to bring in the former Chief and shouldn’t pass it up this time around.