3 reasons Morgan Fox will be a big hit on the Carolina Panthers

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(Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports) Morgan Fox /

Carolina Panthers have another stud at DT

Morgan Fox benefitting significantly from playing next to Aaron Donald in 2020. The perennial All-Pro is one of the game’s greats and having the defensive tackle taking up so much attention proved crucial in the player putting up some career numbers in a limited role.

Although the Carolina Panthers might not have a human wrecking ball such as Donald on the interior, they do have one of the brightest young players at the position for Fox to work alongside.

Derrick Brown made some exceptional strides during his rookie campaign that proved beyond all doubt he was the right pick at No. 7 overall in the 2020 NFL Draft. With another strong offseason under his belt, the sky is the limit.

Brown may have found life difficult in run support at times. But his ability to generate pressure in opposing backfields was eye-catching.

This came even though Brown was one of the most double-teamed defensive tackles in the NFL. So when Fox was exploring whether the Panthers were a good destination, he may have been swayed somewhat by the presence of the former Auburn standout.

Having a big body that has the ability to create space for others is something Fox has benefitted from in the past. Hopefully, the same trend can continue in Carolina.