How the Carolina Panthers recent draft record gives hope for 2021

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What Carolina Panthers’ track record tells us

While the Carolina Panthers had some busts and reaches over the last decade, none of those came within the top 10 picks. In fact, the best players in recent memory all came from that area of the first round and this is something that’s served the team well.

This track record, even with new general manager Scott Fitterer pulling the strings this season, should give the fanbase hope that the team is capable and consistent at hitting on high picks.

This isn’t the case with most NFL franchises.

So while much has been said about who the Panthers should take at No. 8, and if they should even stay there or keep the pick, look for the team to stay put as the probabilities lie in their favor to get a future Pro-Bowler at that spot. Whether that be a piece along the offensive line or a star cornerback.

Yes, everyone recognizes there is a real need at the quarterback position.

However, with the recent trades and all of the rebuilding teams picking in the top five, whichever quarterback is still available at No. 8 would probably be a reach and the team knows it. Trust in the recent scouting and success and believe Carolina knows what they are doing in the top 10 because history shows that they do.