3 reasons the Panthers could not wait for Deshaun Watson

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(Photo by Carmen Mandato/Getty Images) Deshaun Watson /
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Deshaun Watson’s future is uncertain

Perhaps the Houston Texans are now regretting not accepting a bounty of NFL Draft picks and talented players for Deshaun Watson when they had the chance. Things have taken a sour turn where the player is concerned that might get worse before it gets better. This is exactly why the Carolina Panthers just couldn’t gamble on this situation resolving quickly once they’d done their own extensive research.

Watson now has more than 20 civil suits relating to sexual harassment against him, which is also now a matter for the Houston Police Department. The NFL will undoubtedly be watching this closely ahead of a possible suspension depending on how things play out, so for any team to gamble multiple first-round picks on the off chance he is available in 2021 is just not the smart way to go.

This is something one is seeing across the league with potential Watson suitors who are now casting their eye elsewhere. The San Francisco 49ers moved up to No. 3 to get a college quarterback not named Trevor Lawrence or Zach Wilson, with many other organizations finding other alternatives who aren’t as talented as Watson but don’t come with anything like the risk involved.

Carolina was seen as the final beacon of hope for Watson to get out of town at the earliest possible opportunity. But even they’ve now turned their back on a move for the time being.