Panthers miss out on Joe Brady reunion with Thaddeus Moss

Mandatory Credit: Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports. Thaddeus Moss
Mandatory Credit: Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports. Thaddeus Moss /

With the 2021 NFL Draft getting closer, the Carolina Panthers can still get more depth for the tight end position and Thaddeus Moss was a missed opportunity.

It’s no secret that the Carolina Panthers have been doing some serious shopping this offseason. They’ve filled many positions and picked up some much-needed depth. However, there are still more options the team can go with to give their hopes of a playoff push a boost in 2021.

So far this offseason the Panthers have signed two tight ends, Dan Arnold and Stephen Sullivan. Even with these free-agent arrivals, Carolina still needs more quality options to go along with Ian Thomas, whose role may shift this season after he failed to make the most out of a starting chance.

Sullivan may have spent some time with Joe Brady at LSU, but there was another free-agent tight end that the offensive coordinator used a lot in his scheme. Thaddeus Moss could have been a huge pickup for the Panthers since he already has experience playing for one of the most respected young minds in the business, but he was claimed by the Cincinnati Bengals off the waiver wire to link the player with quarterback Joe Burrow once again.

Whether Carolina put a claim in or not is a moot point. The Bengals had priority so it means they will now start looking in a different direction.

Thaddeus Moss could have made an impact with the Carolina Panthers.

Moss, who’s the son of NFL legend Randy Moss, did not get any playing time during the regular season due to a foot injury and he was recently waived by the Washington Football Team after failing to make the impact expected through no fault of his own.

Even though injuries plagued him in college, Moss still managed to put up 615 receiving yards and five scores. He also had two receiving touchdowns in LSU’s championship win over Clemson last year and was a key contributor during their dominant victory.

One of his biggest strengths is his ability to effectively be used in the run game. Moss has proved that he can be a blocking tight end when needed and can find the correct targets quickly.

Moss also demonstrated in college that he has great hands and the right sort of awareness to catch passes with tremendous precision. His size also helps him when he’s matched up against any safety in the passing game.

Moreover, Moss must continue to get more explosive and quicker.

This usually makes his routes look more relaxed, which makes him predictable when running routes. Moss recently came off a foot injury, so it remains to be seen whether things work out in Cincinnati.

Overall, depth at the tight end spot is needed moving forward. It’s unclear if the Panthers will 100 percent target a player at the position during the 2021 NFL Draft, so adding someone that is familiar with the coaching staff could have been a huge help in their pursuit of progression.

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His time with Joe Brady at LSU helped get him into the NFL. While the Panthers were not able to acquire him from the undrafted free-agent market or off the waiver wire to reunite him with his former coach, another move at the position is necessary.