5 key men behind the Carolina Panthers draft process in 2021

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Who are the five key men that will play significant roles for the Carolina Panthers during the 2021 NFL Draft?

The time for talk and speculation is almost at an end where the 2021 NFL Draft is concerned. The Carolina Panthers now have two weeks to put a plan in place regarding which way they are going to go with their selections, and hitting the jackpot will make a significant difference in their pursuit of mounting a surprise postseason challenge next season after an encouraging start to life under head coach Matt Rhule.

Carolina is still keeping their cards close to their chests despite giving up three draft picks over the next two years to acquire Sam Darnold from the New York Jets. The Panthers left no stone unturned in their search for an upgrade on Teddy Bridgewater after he failed to meet expectations. But it would be a big surprise if they allocated the No. 8 overall selection on a signal-caller after making such a move.

At the very least, getting Darnold on board before the draft gives the Panthers more in the way of options. The organization is looking to adopt a “best player available” mentality regarding their next batch of college recruits and if they can have similar success to what was achieved in 2020, it should do their chances the world of good moving forward.

On this subject, we picked out five key men who are going to play crucial roles in which way the Panthers go with their selections later this month.

Staff Member No. 1

Taylor Rajack – Director of Football Analytics

The Carolina Panthers have made no secret of their desire to become more analytical in their approach to recruitment since David Tepper took over the team. This has been particularly evident over the last two years and has seen some established veterans shown the door in favor of young, hungry individuals who make the most out of their respective skill sets in multiple positions.

Taylor Rajack is the director of football analytics in Carolina and he will have substantial input regarding which players fit the mold Matt Rhule is trying to create. The front office member won’t have the final say by any stretch of the imagination, but those in bigger positions of power will be listening and taking on board what he has to say.