5 safeties to partner with Jeremy Chinn in the 2021 NFL Draft

(Photo by Stephen Maturen/Getty Images) Jeremy Chinn
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Carolina Panthers
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Jevon Holland – Oregon

  • Projected round – late-first/early-second
  • Projected role – multi-position safety/coverage safety

The Good

Jevon Holland was an absolute monster during his time with the Oregon Ducks. Playing all over the field and making an impact wherever he found himself, whether that be at the line of scrimmage or 10 yards downfield.

Holland was used a lot in the slot during his time with the Ducks and the coverage skills are there. Having the ability to keep close to defenders and affect the pass.

He also shows a knack for finding the ball with nine interceptions in two seasons during his college career. Whether the pass is thrown to his man or not – once the ball is in the air he runs to its target and does whatever he can to impact the catch.

The prospect shows impressive ability in both zone and man coverage which is a very important part of a free safety’s game at the NFL level. With lively feet and good closing speed, even if Holland is beat in coverage he can limit the damage somewhat.

The former Oregon star’s instincts are off the charts when it comes to reading plays both before and after the ball is snapped. When watching Holland’s tape there is almost always some sort of communication happening on his part pre-snap, which is something the Carolina Panthers lacked without Luke Kuechly in 2020.

Once the play starts Holland shows impressive patience against the run and rarely overcommits while consistently turning for the ball once it’s thrown, limiting penalties and creating the opportunity for a turnover.

Holland was also put on the line quite a bit and showed a skill for getting into the backfield to disrupt both the run and the pass, something that NFL teams have been using safeties for more in recent memory.

The Bad

Holland can be a bit too confident in his reads at times, abandoning his cover man when he sees a run which leaves him vulnerable to trick plays.

The coverage skills are there against all types of players, however, Holland can be pushed around by bigger targets at points and can give them a little too much of a cushion. That combined with his tendency to bite on double moves or stutter steps leads to him being turned around some as well which can become a liability, especially at safety.

Holland’s fit on the Carolina Panthers

Holland shows a versatility that head coach Matt Rhule loves in a player and reminds of the aggressive nature of both Jeremy Chinn and Donte Jackson. And with the departure of Corn Elder in free agency, he could also fill in as a slot cornerback for the Carolina Panthers if need be.

Whether it’s a run, pass, or screen, Holland makes the read, and it is the correct one more often than not. Charging to the ball and affecting the play in some way even if he doesn’t get a stat for it. A true leadership mentality.

Think of Holland as a bit of a Chinn lookalike and that pairing would bring terror to opposing offenses.