3 ways Kyle Pitts could benefit the Carolina Panthers’ offense

(Photo by Sam Greenwood/Getty Images) Kyle Pitts
(Photo by Sam Greenwood/Getty Images) Kyle Pitts /
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Kyle Pitts
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Kyle Pitts can lineup anywhere on the field

Although he’s listed as a tight, Kyle Pitts should really just be listed as a playmaker because he possesses all the athletic ability of a wide receiver. This allows him to lineup at places other than normal tight end positions.

According to Pro Football Focus, 36 percent of Pitts’ 2020 snaps came from being lined up outside of a traditional spot for a player at the position.

So how would Pitts’ ability to line up at different spots help the Panthers?

Mainly, it would lead to big plays from Pitts due to a size mismatch on smaller defenders. The thing that makes the prospect so unique is that even though he’s so much bigger than most NFL defensive backs, he has enough speed to just run past them.

Pitts would also draw a lot of attention being lined up out wide, and this could lead to other Carolina Panthers’ receivers getting open over the middle. Also, adding such a versatile weapon on offense would allow Joe Brady to be even more creative with play calls and formations.

Simply put, it would be very entertaining to see how Brady would utilize a player like Pitts.

While Pitts would no doubt do most of his damage with the ball in his hands, the impact he would make just by being on the field is too great to pass up if the opportunity arises.