Carolina Panthers pre-draft 2021 record and division projections

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(Photo by Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images) Sam Darnold /
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Carolina Panthers will beat the Washington Football Team

The Washington Football Team is one of the hardest teams to predict when you look at their quarterback situation and superb defense. Alex Smith has retired leaving questions about whether their current options will find any stability. What do you think this team would give to have Kirk Cousins back on their roster about now?

With Cousins, Washington would be a legitimate Super Bowl contender considering their incredible defense and a familiar coach to Carolina Panthers’ fans in Ron Rivera.

I believe these teams to be very close in overall talent level. With the rosters both having huge strong points and obvious holes.

With teams so evenly matched I look at three things. One who has the best quarterback? Two who is going to have home-field advantage, and three who has the player most likely to break a big play?

The Panthers win all three of these questions and because of that I picking them at home to beat Washington in a low-scoring, very tight affair.

Beating Washington is going to be key for the success of Carolina’s season. They are one of the few good teams the Panthers have clear advantages over and should be able to pull out a win in Charlotte.

Carolina Panthers will lose at home to the Eagles

The Philadelphia Eagles roster is almost unrecognizable from their Super Bowl run against the New England Patriots not that long ago.  Carson Wentz and Nick Foles have both moved on and the team is now in Jalen Hurts’ hands.

I am much higher on this Eagles team under Hurts than many are. He is a winner and a hard worker. It is obvious how well prepared the signal-caller was in his college career and this has been evident during his brief time at the next level.

Hurts is going to lead this Eagles team to be much better than many expect them to be. Doug Pederson’s message had become stale and Wentz’s ball security was unbearable in 2020.

This is a team who for the first time since they won the Super Bowl four years ago will not be facing any quarterback controversy. Questions that dominated the Philly news cycle for so long for this Eagles team. Now with those gone Hurts is going to step up and lead this team to a big season including beating the Carolina Panthers in Charlotte.