Carolina Panthers round off exceptional draft with Phil Hoskins

Defensive tackle Phil Hoskins was the final 2021 NFL Draft pick made by the Carolina Panthers to concluded a sensational weekend for the franchise.

The Carolina Panthers concluded an exceptional 2021 NFL Draft with a seventh-round pick that was acquired during a flurry of trade activity over the final two days. General manager Scott Fitterer knew full well the team needed to get their hands on more in the way of capital to boost key positional groups and it’s hard to argue that the roster doesn’t look far better now than it did this time last year.

Much will depend on how much of an impact these college recruits can make immediately. There is also the huge question surrounding quarterback Sam Darnold and whether he can make the most out of the wealth of options at his disposal following his trade from the New York Jets to consider.

Carolina managed to get their hands on 11 picks through their moves up and down the draft board. They also picked up a fourth-rounder next year that they will be giving up to the Jets as part of the Darnold deal.

With their final selection at No. 232, the Panthers brought in a talented defensive tackle out of Kentucky by the name of Phil Hoskins to round off their picks and leave them looking back on what’s been one of the more memorable draft weekends in recent memory.

Carolina Panthers nailed the 2021 NFL Draft.

It’s been an incredible weekend and Hoskins was the icing on the cake. He is seen as a work in progress, of that there is little doubt. But the Panthers have plenty of other options on the defensive line interior to ensure the prospect is allowed to develop his craft and learn from Carolina’s coaching staff with a view to playing some sort of part down the line.

As draft weekends go, it doesn’t get much better. Carolina addressed some problem areas and even managed to strengthen positions that were deemed loaded with quality anyway, so providing everything clicks into place right away then the team’s loyal fanbase can look forward with excitement and not trepidation as in years gone by.

There is plenty of athleticism and hunger coming onto the roster from Carolina’s 2021 draft picks. Hoskins also fits this mold and although he’ll be seen as a project more than anything else, there is a lot to like about his chances of forging a successful career at the next level.

One cannot praise the Panthers’ front office enough for the way they’ve gone about their business over the last three days. Carolina is in the best possible hands with Fitterer and Rhule and hopefully, their shrewd decision-making throughout the offseason can transition to competitive action later this year.