3 reasons Teddy Bridgewater’s sour grapes tour needs to end

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(Photo by Stephen Maturen/Getty Images) Teddy Bridgewater and Joe Brady /
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Teddy Bridgewater should look forward, not back

What’s done is done for Teddy Bridgewater.

He can feel aggrieved at the way things were handled by the Carolina Panthers. But considering those in power were in constant dialogue with him throughout their search for an upgrade this offseason, the former first-round pick was treated far better than Cam Newton ever was before his departure.

This is the nature of the NFL. And it’s certainly not Bridgewater’s first rodeo.

The signal-caller now has a chance to make a better go of things with the Denver Broncos, who have some nice pieces in the passing game to work with and a strong running back in Melvin Gordon that is more than capable of shouldering the load.

Sound familiar?

If Bridgewater is right and coaching was part of the problem, then this is something that needs to be rectified and probably will be this offseason. One has to remember this is a staff in prominent positions in regards to the NFL for the very first time and it was a learning curve for them as much as the players who were under their guidance.

Bridgewater needs to focus his attention on beating out Drew Lock for the starting job in Denver rather than taking cheap shots at his former employers, who are still paying him $7 million this season taking his money earned from the Panthers to more than $30 million.

The jury is out as to whether he can do this. There is still a chance the Broncos make a bigger splash in the market if Aaron Rodgers does force the Green Bay Packers‘ hand in the coming weeks.

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This bitter break-up isn’t doing anyone any favors. Bridgewater might have a valid point, but looking back in frustration will only lead to further complications in a different environment.