Who is UDFA David Moore and can he make the Panthers roster?

What are the chances of undrafted free-agent David Moore making the Carolina Panthers’ 53-man roster for the 2021 season?

Perhaps the most notable addition to the Carolina Panthers from the undrafted free-agent pool was David Moore. This is the second player with the same name to join the organization this offseason after a certain wide receiver signing from the Seattle Seahawks and how the rookie gets on in the coming weeks will be crucial to his chances of making a strong claim for a roster spot.

It’s clear the Panthers think a lot of Moore, who impressed working with Carolina’s coaching staff at the 2021 Senior Bowl. The team considered taking him with one of their late-round selections before eventually deciding to take their chances once the final name had been called, which worked out pretty well for all parties.

The former Grambling State star is an intriguing prospect in a position of need.

Moore might be a little short for a top-end interior offensive lineman at the next level. But the length and power are there for all to see.

Providing there isn’t too much pressure on his shoulders right away, a successful NFL career is not out entirely out of the question.

David Moore got a strong reference from a current Carolina Panthers tackle.

Moore has all the athleticism and aggressiveness the Panthers clearly love. He is a hard guy to root against and was on Matt Rhule’s radar right from the outset thanks to a glowing recommendation from Trenton Scott.

The tackle – who also went to Grambling State – told his head coach to keep a close eye on Moore in Mobile, where he was voted practice player of the week after a standout display that didn’t go unnoticed by Rhule.

“Trent Scott, he’s one of us, he’s got the right mindset and work ethic, he’s an awesome guy. He said to keep an eye out for David Moore from Grambling; I put my stamp on him, he can play. And then we got down there, and he was pretty much everyone on our team, one of their favorite guys. He had a great attitude. He’s got a great personality and great demeanor, and everyone who’s around him just kind of gravitates toward him.”

Making a strong first impression is just the start for Moore. Rookie minicamp was his opening taste of an NFL environment and things get exponentially tougher in the weeks and months ahead during OTAs, training camp, and the return of preseason games.

Moore wasn’t the only lineman brought in by the Panthers this offseason. Cam Erving and Pat Elflein were signed in free agency, with Brady Christensen and Deonte Brown drafted out of BYU and Alabama respectively to further boost Carolina’s options.

The task awaiting Moore is a steep one. But there are far worse situations for the player to be in.

He already knows the coaching staff and the scheme, which will work in his favor. Expecting miracles right away is unrealistic, but considering how little quality currently resides throughout the depth chart, it’s a chance for Moore to impose himself in no uncertain terms.

Size does matter and could be his undoing when it’s all said and done, although Moore is incredibly wide if a little short at 6-foot-1. There is also the small matter of him not seeing the field for any competitive action since 2019 thanks to COVID-19, which will be a baptism of fire when he gets some reps in the preseason.

Moore certainly fits the mold of what Rhule is trying to install across the roster. To say this is a big step up in class for the player would be an understatement. But one thing is for certain, he’ll give it absolutely everything he’s got.