Should Robby Anderson’s OTAs no-show worry the Panthers?

Dean Jones
(Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports) Robby Anderson
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Robby Anderson was a no-show throughout OTAs for the Carolina Panthers, but should the organization be worried?

There was pretty much a full turnout for OTAs with the Carolina Panthers, which was pleasing to see. However, the absence of one established figure left many wondering if it’s something fans should worry about.

Robby Anderson chose to swerve OTAs this year. He is well within his right to do so considering this part of the offseason is voluntary, but it wasn’t exactly the best look in the world considering almost every other player was there to get their offseason program off on the right foot.

Anderson is heading into the final year of his deal and coming off a 1,000-yard receiving campaign for the first time in his career. This has led to speculation he wants a little more financial security in Carolina and there is also the small matter of a recent report to consider regarding his absence.

Charlie Campbell of recently claimed the Panthers were shopping Anderson during the 2021 NFL Draft following their decision to select Terrace Marshall Jr. out of LSU at No. 59 overall.

This would be a shocking move considering his relationship with new quarterback Sam Darnold from their time together with the New York Jets, but getting some capital for him now rather than let him walk for nothing next spring is a realistic scenario when one considers the depth Carolina has at the position.

It might not be time to press the panic button just yet.

But this is a situation worth keeping a close eye on.

Robby Anderson and the Carolina Panthers are a good match.

Anderson and Matt Rhule are close from their time together in college, so there appears little doubt if the Panthers were looking to trade him, he wouldn’t have been kept well informed.

Whether this has rubbed the player up the wrong way or not is up for debate, But if Campbell’s report is accurate, it probably left a sour taste in the mouth considering his level of production in 2020.

Anderson has been a huge hit on the Panthers, of that there is little doubt.

However, the NFL is a business and another impressive season from the receiver in 2021 could see him command the sort of money Carolina cannot afford.

Don’t forget, the Panthers need to pay D.J. Moore and Taylor Moton at some stage. Cornerback Donte Jackson is also in the final year of his deal, so if he stays healthy and shows shutdown potential, this would arguably take priority over Anderson’s potential extension.

Whether the Panthers were shopping Anderson or not is a moot point at this juncture.

There is no smoke without fire and Campbell is a respected figure when it comes to this sort of thing, so Carolina might need to build some bridges with their No. 2 option at the receiver position to avoid further complications down the line.

This report and Anderson skipping OTAs could be a coincidence. These are voluntary after all.

But if this becomes a bigger problem than it appears right now, then it has the potential to come with some big ramifications at training camp and when competitive action gets underway.

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Only time will tell as to how this plays out between Carolina and Anderson. But those in power would be wise not to let it evolve into something more concerning in the coming weeks.