3 reasons Panthers DE Brian Burns is destined for greatness in 2021

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(Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports) Brian Burns
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(Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports) Brian Burns /

Brian Burns is just scratching the surface

It’s easy to forget when one looks at Brian Burns that he only recently turned 23 years old. He seems to have been around forever despite entering his third season in a professional environment and could be just scratching the surface of what he is capable of.

That means nothing but good news for the Panthers, who might have the player performing at a high level for the next decade if Burns doesn’t suffer any injury problems that normally befall players at the position once the wear and tear start to show.

Carolina saw enough in the player during his time at Florida State to think he was worth taking at No. 16 overall in the 2019 NFL Draft. Although their remaining selections left a lot to be desired, the Panthers knocked this particular decision where Burns is concerned out of the park.

He is incredibly quick off the block and gets to the point of attack quickly.

Almost too fast for his own good at times.

This is now matched with more discipline in run support and more refined pass-rushing moves that makes Burns an absolute nightmare to block one-on-one.

The physical attributes are endless. If Burns can further boost this during the offseason, then expect him to reach a completely different level in 2021.