3 hypothetical trade offers for the Panthers to land Julio Jones

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What are some hypothetical trade offers for the Carolina Panthers to potentially land Julio Jones from the Atlanta Falcons?

Let’s face it, the Atlanta Falcons aren’t dealing Julio Jones to the Carolina Panthers.

If they were to ship one of the NFL’s best weapons to an NFC South rival, the backlash from their fanbase would be incredible.

Jones is still a dynamic force to be reckoned with and incredibly difficult to stop when firing on all cylinders. But his troubles staying healthy in recent seasons cannot be ignored.

Scott Fitterer said he wanted to be in on every deal, which is a statement that’s proven to be true since his arrival from the Seattle Seahawks. The general manager was aggressive in his search for a new quarterback that eventually saw the Panthers secure the services of Sam Darnold from the New York Jets, with a frenzied period of activity during the 2021 NFL Draft resulting in 11 selections coming Carolina’s way.

Making an offer for Jones might be a step too far.

The two-time All-Pro has torched the Panthers over the years with some outstanding displays, but the Falcons won’t be entertaining the thought of sending him to a team they play twice a season no matter what the offer is.

That’s just not a smart business decision.

Although the probability is remote, we thought it might be fun to explore some hypothetical trade scenarios that Carolina could offer to add Jones to their talented receiving core.