4 problems Panthers QB Sam Darnold must overcome in 2021

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Sam Darnold
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Recognizing pressure

Now, in fairness to Sam Darnold, the New York Jets had a revolving door for an offensive line for the majority of his time under center.

However, if the signal-caller wants to make a success of his time with the Carolina Panthers, he’ll need to recognize pressure a little bit better.

This all comes with age. Darnold is now entering his fourth season after being selected No. 3 overall out of USC in 2018, meaning he can no longer be classed as inexperienced and needs to progress accordingly.

One way Darnold can solve this issue is in the film room every week. Studying what an opposing defense likes to do when it comes to pressure makes all the difference, with the quarterback sure to get plenty of assistance from a competent coaching staff for the first time in his career.

Once the player is fully prepared for every challenge week-to-week, then he must put it all together on the field.

Darnold needs to learn that there is nothing wrong with throwing it away now and again and living to fight another day. Not every play runs like clockwork.

Rather that than take a sack for a huge loss or a potential turnover.

If Darnold can make strides in this area, it’s going to help him and the Panthers considerably as they aim for a surprise playoff spot next time around.