4 teams that could trade for Panthers QB Will Grier this offseason

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The situation developing between Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers is something that’s taken up the large majority of offseason headlines. And with good reason.

The 2020 NFL MVP is disgruntled with the franchise to such an extent that a hold-out during the campaign is a real possibility if things cannot be mended beforehand. Rodgers feels slighted by the team – who decided to trade up and acquire Jordan Love rather than build around the experienced veteran bound for the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

It’s a precarious situation for the Packers to be in. And it might already be past the point of no return with a player that is well-known for holding a grudge.

Love might end up being a capable starter. Green Bay placed a lot of faith in him but if Rodgers does sit out or is traded, then there is little in the way of options behind him.

Will Grier would be a solid backup option providing he demonstrates enough during the preseason. The Carolina Panthers roster now possesses Sam Darnold, who’ll get the No. 1 gig next season at the very least, so a quarterback not drafted by the new regime is clearly surplus to requirements.

This is quite the predicament for the Packers to be in. Rodgers has them over a barrel to a certain extent and they’d be wise to put alternative plans in place.