8 players who belong in the Carolina Panthers Hall of Shame

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Rashard Anderson – Former Carolina Panthers CB

  • 2000-2001

When you talk about a player that wasted some God-given talent, then look no further than Rashard Anderson. The cornerback had everything going for him from an athletic standpoint and the Carolina Panthers were expecting big things after taking the Jackson State product No. 23 overall in the 2000 NFL Draft.

Anderson played 12 games during his rookie year, registering 23 tackles and not much else. This was followed by 15 contests in 2001 – nine of which he started.

However, any hopes Anderson had of carving out a successful NFL career for himself were tainted by drug use.

The player repeatedly broke the NFL’s substance abuse policy with marijuana violations. Something that’s not quite as frowned upon these days. But it was a different time back then.

Carolina decided the juice wasn’t worth the squeeze where Anderson was concerned pretty early. They released him after two seasons and he didn’t play another competitive down anywhere else.

Sadly, the NFL is littered with players like this. Hot prospects who cannot stay on the right track and fail to cope with the pressures that come with being a top professional.

Anderson only has himself to blame. But there is little he can do now other than look back at what might have been.