3 ways Terrace Marshall Jr. can spark the Panthers offense in 2021

(Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports) Terrace Marshall Jr.
(Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports) Terrace Marshall Jr. /
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Terrace Marshall Jr.
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What are some big ways that wide receiver Terrace Marshall Jr. can transform the Carolina Panthers offense during his rookie campaign in 2021?

There has always been debate about which role is the key to success on the offense, whether it’s the quarterback, running back, wide receiver, or the offensive line. The truth is they all contribute evenly.

However, it takes a special player to spark the energy to light a fire in the rest of the team. Someone who can get a rhythm going, who can get yards in a short time so the rest of the offense doesn’t run out of steam.

While one suspects new signal-caller Sam Darnold has the potential to have a successful career with the Carolina Panthers, he’s the fuel.

The Panthers might have found the spark by drafting Terrace Marshall Jr. out of LSU. Here are three ways the second-round pick can ignite Carolina’s high-powered offense during his rookie season in 2021.

Way No. 1

Terrace Marshall Jr.
(Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports) Terrace Marshall Jr. /

Terrace Marshall Jr.’s size

Marshall is listed at 6-foot-2 and a half and 205 pounds, with a reach of 32.75 inches. This provides him the natural ability to go up, over, and around smaller corners with his large catch radius.

His size allows him to go after the high ball in a 50-50 situation as well as long bombs down the field. If the ball is remotely in his wheelhouse, Marshall is likely to come down with it more often than not.

Marshall also has made it known during his time at LSU that when he collects the ball, he’s not just content with the catch but is also hungry for extra yards and touchdowns.