4 offers for the Carolina Panthers to meet Deshaun Watson trade price

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Carolina Panthers trade package No. 4

If the Carolina Panthers decided to just offer draft picks rather than members of their roster, then it’s going to take something not seen in the NFL for quite some time.

As stated previously, if Deshaun Watson’s legal matters come to a successful conclusion and he avoids a league suspension, then it might be a risk worth taking for a talented young roster that appears right on the cusp of something special.

Building through the draft is something that the Panthers have done well over the last couple of offseasons. But this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to get an elite quarterback that is only just scratching the surface of what he’s truly capable of.

Not having any players attached to this trade package only raises the stakes. Four first-round picks, a 2023 second-rounder, and two third-round selections with certain stipulations surrounding any suspension attached could be enough, depending on what other teams come forward with.

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People might scoff at the notion Watson will cost this much. But top-tier quarterbacks don’t grow on trees and if this becomes a bidding war between a number of different teams with perhaps more in the way of capital, Carolina will have to go all-in and jeopardize their future if they’re intent on securing the signal-caller before the 2021 season.