3 reasons the Carolina Panthers might not go back for Deshaun Watson

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Carolina Panthers
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Carolina Panthers must consider the legal situation

It’s worth noting that Deshaun Watson has yet to resolve some pretty serious legal complications that cast doubt over his long-term future in the NFL. The quarterback isn’t likely to sort these out before the season begins, but there has been no sign of the league putting him on the exempt list as yet regarding this issue.

Watson is currently facing no fewer than 10 police complaints surrounding sexual assault and misconduct, two of which are not part of the 22-strong civil suit.

Speaking to ESPN, Watson’s attorney Rusty Hardin stated that they are going to cooperate with the NFL and authorities during their respective investigations.

"“We’ve made it clear to the NFL that we’ll totally cooperate with them when they’re ready to visit with us. But they, out of deference to the criminal investigation, always try to wait until that’s completed before they try to talk to the accused person.”"

This is an obvious red flag for the Carolina Panthers. Watson’s talent is undisputed, but if they gave up so much only for things to get even more complicated regarding this issue, then heads will undoubtedly roll as a result.

Players like Watson simply don’t become available for trade. It just doesn’t happen in today’s NFL.

However, whether the quarterback is guilty of these accusations or not, it should be enough to make the Panthers think twice.