4 pros and cons to the Carolina Panthers starting Taylor Moton at LT

(Alex Hicks Jr./Spartanburg Herald-News via IMAGN Content Services) Taylor Moton
(Alex Hicks Jr./Spartanburg Herald-News via IMAGN Content Services) Taylor Moton /
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Carolina Panthers using a Moton/Christensen tackle tandem

The Carolina Panthers and team owner David Tepper in particular were thrilled to secure the services of Brady Christensen during the 2021 NFL Draft. His production as a left tackle at BYU was exceptional and although there are some concerns entering the pros, he could be an upgrade somewhere on the offensive line with a strong camp.

Carolina didn’t move up to acquire Christensen in the third round for nothing. They expect him to make an instant contribution, but whether that’s at tackle or on the interior is yet to be determined.

There are some who are concerned about the player’s arm length at the next level. Although Christensen was a dominant force looking after Zach Wilson in college, the level of competition wasn’t exactly to an All-American standard, and the step-up in class is pretty substantial as he takes his chances at the next level.

Again, this will probably be decided at camp. If the Panthers feel comfortable in Christensen becoming their starting right tackle, then moving Taylor Moton to the left might give them a productive tandem after all.

Putting Christensen on the left and hoping for the best might not be the smart way to go. It’s also worth remembering that Carolina had him graded higher at guard during the evaluation process.