5 Carolina Panthers players who could join Madden 99 club in future

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Which Carolina Panthers players have a realistic shot at reaching the prestigious Madden 99 club during their careers?

The Madden 99 club is something players will tell you doesn’t matter to them. But reactions to rankings they don’t agree with tells a different story.

There aren’t any Carolina Panthers players set to achieve this distinction in 2020. Pretty understandable when one considers the team is going through a period of adjustment and recently recorded their second-straight 5-11 campaign.

That’s not to say the Panthers don’t have talent. They appear loaded with impressive weapons on both sides of the ball, so their fortunes will ultimately come down to whether problem positional groups can reach or exceed the level expected in 2021.

On the subject of video game ratings, here are five Panthers players who could reach the prestigious Madden 99 club in the near future.

Player No. 1

Carolina Panthers
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Christian McCaffrey – Carolina Panthers RB

Now, Christian McCaffrey has already been a member of the Madden 99 club last year. But injuries mean he is pursuing this same distinction in 2021 after being given a 97 this time around.

This was still the highest for a running back despite missing all but three games of the previous campaign. A testament to McCaffrey’s exceptional ability to produce the goods time and time again when it matters most.

The Panthers will be hoping McCaffrey’s inability to stay healthy was a one-off. He hadn’t missed a game during his first three years in the league and Carolina might end up close to a winning record if the All-Pro reverts to type.