5 big Panthers observations from Back Together Saturday practice

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Carolina Panthers
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Carolina Panthers were a little ramped up

Having more than 6,000 fans in attendance saw things get a little too sloppy at times for Matt Rhule. This was another big learning experience for a roster that hasn’t played in front of many people in the stands since the former Baylor man took charge last year.

There were a few errors, which came down to either nerves or the fact the Carolina Panthers were too ramped up at Gibbs Stadium. Rhule commented that this is something they all have to adjust to in the right way. Otherwise, it’s going to be yet another long season for the team in 2021.

"“I was not happy at the end, because we were doing too many things we don’t normally do. You’ve got to be the same guy every day. Our best players, they’re the same guys on Wednesdays they are on Sundays. Some of our guys were amped up. And we were on the ground, and we’re never on the ground this much in practice. It was great to have the crowd here, and see where we’re at. And a lot of our young guys were amped up and anxious. And you’re not going to win a lot of games if you do that, so it was a good learning experience.”"

Having a young team is all well and good. But they have to grow up quickly with a little more expectations on their shoulders next season.

It’s still early. There is also plenty of veteran leadership on the Panthers to ensure this doesn’t become a big problem when it’s time to hit the gridiron in a competitive environment.