4 pros and cons to the Carolina Panthers gambling on Deshaun Watson

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The Carolina Panthers must consider off the field concerns surrounding Deshaun Watson

Deshaun Watson is facing very serious accusations of sexual assault and misconduct, which don’t make for pretty reading.

This is neither to convict or absolve Watson as he has already been tried in the court of public opinion. He will also have to face both the league and the court system as he goes through the process of facing these allegations.

However, to be clear these are very serious claims and if true should land Watson out of the NFL permanently and face justice in our court system.

Not from a team or a PR standpoint but simply as a human being, bringing in Watson if even a hint of the accusations he is facing are true would be a stain on the franchise.

It would also be a terrible look for a Carolina Panthers organization that is attempting to turn the perception of their team ownership and front office around in the new era led by owner David Tepper.

If the Panthers were to trade for Watson it should only be if the accusations are found to be completely unfounded. They must also know what type of person, not the player they are acquiring to represent their franchise.

If not, this isn’t a move any team should consider as it goes way beyond football.