4 pros and cons to the Carolina Panthers gambling on Deshaun Watson

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Carolina Panthers front office wouldn’t trust themselves if they add another QB ahead of Sam Darnold

The Carolina Panthers’ biggest move of the offseason was adding Sam Darnold and then proceeding to pick up his fifth-year option.

If they then opt to acquire Deshaun Watson it shows a lack of trust in their system, Darnold, and the front office.

Yes, Watson is a special talent.

However, he isn’t Tom Brady or Patrick Mahomes.

The Panthers bet a piece of their future on Darnold and have put him in a position to succeed. Making a move for Watson underminds how you spent your offseason.

Darnold certainly is facing questions after his time with the New York Jets. But I strongly believe he is a franchise quarterback and more than capable of leading this team to the playoffs.

With a strong draft class and names like Aaron Rodgers likely hitting the open market in 2022, the Panthers are better served to give Darnold a year and wait it out.

Making a move now comes across as desperate for a team that already has the right pieces to win. Darnold won’t appreciate rumors of being replaced before taking his first snap under center in Carolina, although he should be focusing on what he can control.