4 pros and cons to the Carolina Panthers gambling on Deshaun Watson

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Carolina Panthers’ future would be bright with Deshaun Watson in a division of question marks

Assuming Deshaun Watson is on the field for the majority of the next five years, the Carolina Panthers’ division chances suddenly and drastically increase over the next half-decade.

Despite what many think about when Tom Brady will eventually retire.

Matt Ryan and the Atlanta Falcons are seemingly always a question mark and the signal-caller appears to be on the last part of his career. The New Orleans Saints could be facing a quarterback crisis and also have a potential problem on their hands with wide receiver Michael Thomas.

If Sam Darnold wasn’t a franchise quarterback, adding Watson could suddenly make the Panthers division favorites when Brady calls it a day and run the NFC South for a time.

This certainly in itself makes the move appealing. Though one has to consider both the fact Darnold could still be that guy and the price it would take to acquire Watson.

A quarterback of Watson’s talent is rarely traded, making the price hard to gauge. But the accusations he is facing will certainly make teams hesitant to mortgage their future.

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For the Panthers, waiting is the right move and the only answer for a team that needs to continue its patient and measured approach. Something that could make them contenders without acquiring Watson.