Why Panthers legend Steve Smith would make a great coach

(Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports) Steve Smith
(Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports) Steve Smith /

Could former Carolina Panthers wide receiver Steve Smith go down the coaching route somewhere down the line?

For all the activity on the field during joint practices with the Indianapolis Colts, there was a prominent sideshow that people simply couldn’t take their eyes off. Former Carolina Panthers wide receiver Steve Smith was in attendance for both days and had absolutely no trouble giving helpful pointers to Matt Rhule’s players when he saw something in particular during drills.

This was a heart-warming sight and further proof of the bridges mended between Smith and the Panthers since David Tepper bought the team. The Pro Football Hall of Fame candidate in 2022 is even working for the organization behind the scenes.

However, could this lead to a potential coaching role down the line for Smith?

First of all, there is absolutely no indication of anything concrete in this regard. Let’s get that out of the before we delve deeper into this hypothetical and potentially beneficial scenario.

There is something about Smith that people naturally gravitate to. After almost every play the legendary figure was spotted chatting to D.J. Moore, providing his own special insight on topics that included creating separation according to those in attendance.


Onlookers also commented on how Moore was hanging on Smith’s every word. When one of the best in the business is providing advice and guidance, any rising star would be wise to take on board what’s being said.

Smith has plenty on his plate outside of his role in Carolina. He remains an analyst for NFL Network and the Cut To It podcast is can’t miss almost every week.

Coaching might not be something Smith is interested in. And the Panthers have their own staff that Rhule trusts fully as the organization heads into an important stage of their rebuild.

Even so, it sure is fun to think about.

Can you imagine the lift it would give everyone associated with the Panthers if Smith was made an assistant coach of some kind. The reaction would be electric.

Steve Smith remains an iconic figure with the Carolina Panthers.

Smith still cares deeply about the franchise. The team that gave an overlooked prospect out of Utah the chance to become one of the pound-for-pound kings at the wideout spot.

One question mark would be whether Smith has the patience for such a role. He held himself and his teammates to the highest of standards and had no trouble giving it to them fiercely if they weren’t pulling their weight.

A softer approach is needed in today’s game. Something that Smith isn’t really used to.

Smith is still going to be on hand to offer assistance to Moore, Robby Anderson, or probably everyone else on the Panthers roster if they need it. Simply put, there are few players in the team’s history who’ve demonstrated such passion and knowledge in equal measure for the game of football.

Moore, of course, is looking to emulate and even surpass Smith’s all-time yardage record in Carolina. A lofty goal to aim for, but he’s off to a strong start over his first three years in the league despite some less than stellar play from the quarterback position.

This is a pipedream, no matter how intriguing it is.

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Smith seems fully content with his current roles and is probably looking forward more than most to discovering who gets immortalized in Canton, Ohio next year.