4 pros and cons to a Cam Newton reunion with the Carolina Panthers

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Cam Newton is an elite athlete the Carolina Panthers could use

The Carolina Panthers have the ball on the goal-line in a fourth-and-one situation and Cam Newton comes trotting out with Christian McCaffrey behind him and D.J. Moore out wide.

It is an elite package in short-yardage situations and Newton is going to get the ball in the end zone more often than not.

Sam Darnold is this team’s starter. But why can’t the Panthers have the best of both worlds?

Using Newton in a role similar to how the New Orleans Saints have deployed Taysom Hill for the past few seasons would give Carolina an elite weapon.

The biggest caveat to this idea is whether or not Newton would accept a utility/backup role behind Darnold. Coming back to Carolina as a veteran offers the Panthers a lot if he sucks it up and takes what the team gives him.

While he has never been an elite passer, Newton is a larger-than-life player making impossible runs and trucking through defenders unlike we have ever seen from the quarterback position.

Giving him a chance to use that skillset and run specialty packages alongside Darnold would provide this Carolina offense a wrinkle. One that would make them absolutely lethal in short-yardage.

For Newton, this gives him an opportunity to still play and contribute to a winning team.

Even if the experiment were to fail, Carolina might have a trade chip at the deadline when a team will undoubtedly be facing quarterback injuries and need someone like Newton.

It’s a win for both sides and a move Carolina should consider making.