4 pros and cons to a Cam Newton reunion with the Carolina Panthers

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The Carolina Panthers’ message to Sam Darnold

The uncertainty emerging from the Carolina Panthers front office this offseason has been troubling. Mere days after finalizing the trade for Sam Darnold, the organization was rumored to still be interested in drafting a quarterback if the right player fell their way.

Perhaps this was simply a draft-day rumor to throw other teams off of their intended target. Regardless, if you’re Sam Darnold it is concerning to hear speculation of being replaced before you throw a single pass for your new team.

Weeks after the draft more talk emerged that the Panthers were one of a handful of teams still interested in Deshaun Watson. Despite a very concerning period full of allegations and with significant legal problems to resolve, Carolina was reportedly still casting a willing eye on the Houston Texans signal-caller.

This was quashed by media close to the team. But the intent of Carolina to land Watson before this trouble began was no secret.

The Panthers need to give Darnold a full season of being their franchise quarterback to see whether or not he is worthy of the mantle.

Bringing in Cam Newton would add to a growing list of red flags the front office continues to throw out when it comes to whether or not they have the right player at the most important position on the field.

Newton is beloved by the tam’s fanbase. So this move might be more trouble than it’s worth.