4 pros and cons to a Cam Newton reunion with the Carolina Panthers

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Carolina Panthers would instantly become a must-watch in 2021

The Carolina Panthers are mildly interesting in NFL circles considering the addition of Sam Darnold and Christian McCaffrey becoming fully healthy. However, they are certainly not one of the more interesting teams in the league.

The NFL is full of rookie quarterbacks and offseason drama that will give fans plenty of reasons to watch. Bringing Cam Newton back and using him in a utility or backup role would be fascinating for a young roster who appears to be on the brink of contention if certain problem positions hold their own in 2021.

Pushing themselves back into league relevance is good for everyone involved.

More fans in seats, jersey sales, primetime games, and expectations could galvanize this team both on and off the field. Something owner David Tepper truly wants Carolina to become.

Newton coming back to Carolina is a great move for the league and for the team.

While it will put pressure on Darnold, the Panthers will have a legitimate backup plan with a player very familiar with Carolina.

Newton is more than capable of stepping in and leading this team. The 2015 NFL MVP was playing at an elite level before contracting COVID-19, something that not only saw him deteriorate significantly in 2020 but refusal to get vaccinated gave Mac Jones the window of opportunity he needed to take the starting job.