Carolina Panthers right not to take Texans’ Deshaun Watson bait

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Why the Deshaun Watson trade rumors resurfaced

Time is of the essence for the Houston Texans as they look to remove the Deshaun Watson problem from the organization. Had they handled this situation better just before the draft, then the team would already be sitting on a king’s ransom that could aid their rebuild considerably.

This ship has probably sailed, in all honesty. Houston mismanaged the situation right from the start and had they granted his first from the word go, he’d be someone else’s problem right now.

Albert Breer of Sports Illustrated gave some useful insight as to why these rumors surfaced again over the weekend. It was hard to argue against the writer’s reasoning, which centered on the Texans’ desire to allocate a roster spot elsewhere, save money, and perhaps create a bidding war in the process.

"“(Nick) Caserio doesn’t owe (Deshaun) Watson anything, nor does he owe other NFL teams the chance to acquire him. The argument that it’ll make things awkward for David Culley and the coaches, or Tyrod Taylor and the quarterbacks, is fair. But those guys have already rode that out for six weeks. Bottom line, given Caserio is in his first year as a GM, and given what the haul for Watson would’ve been in January or February, that cost is small in comparison to what a trade should bring for a player like this.”"

Nothing’s happened as yet. Certainly not where the Carolina Panthers are concerned as they are reportedly willing to see what Sam Darnold can do with far more in the way of weapons around him.

The same could also apply to Miami and Philadelphia with their two young signal-callers. Although Watson would make any team barring a couple across the league better given the exceptional gifts he brings to the table.