Carolina Panthers right not to take Texans’ Deshaun Watson bait

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Carolina Panthers were right not to take the bait

In an ideal world, Deshaun Watson would be free of legal complications and the Carolina Panthers could sacrifice everything to instantly get themselves one of the top quarterbacks in the league to spearhead their Super Bowl challenge.

But that is simply not the case.

Watson is facing criminal action for sexual misdemeanor and there could also be an NFL suspension on the way depending on how things play out. The league hasn’t prevented him from taking part throughout training camp, although he’s been largely outcast by the Houston Texans who are now clearly moving on.

Sam Darnold is the guy for now. What comes next where the former USC star is concerned will shape any future decisions at the most important position on the field.

If Watson is found not guilty of all charges, then the race to sign him via trade will be fierce.

Until then, it’s a monumental gamble for any team – the Panthers included – to give up what the Texans are demanding for someone with such an uncertain future.

Houston trying to force the issue reeks of desperation. But the simple fact is it changes absolutely nothing regarding Watson and the charges he’s facing.

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The Panthers are right to play the waiting game and avoid the temptation of going broke at this stage of Watson’s ongoing and seemingly endless saga. Whether another organization will pull the trigger or not remains to be seen.