3 things to know about new Carolina Panthers OG Michael Jordan

(Photo by Justin K. Aller/Getty Images) Michael Jordan
(Photo by Justin K. Aller/Getty Images) Michael Jordan /
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Adding Michael Jordan speaks to the Carolina Panthers need for depth

Michael Jordan is an interesting fit with the Carolina Panthers considering the fact he isn’t capable of starting over any of their current options, at least initially.

John Miller at right guard and Pat Elflein at left guard is the direction Matt Rhule is going in for Week 1 and possibly beyond. There is no reason to think either will be losing their job to Jordan at this point in the season.

Though a poor performance could easily change that. Something both are capable of.

While neither lineman is elite they are currently better options than Jordan. Whether they provide Carolina a reason for some optimism when it comes to their offensive line is another matter.

Adding Jordan isn’t an indictment on the Panthers’ starters as much as it is their depth.

Carolina has an average offensive line, while not elite it will protect Sam Darnold enough and be an average unit. Acquiring Jordan is a depth move, giving them an emergency backup plan if Miller or Elflein were to go down.

This sort of security was lacking unless Brady Christensen and Deonte Brown build on a promising preseason.

Jordan may not be a good option. But he has enough experience to earn him a role as a depth piece. One Carolina is hopeful they won’t have to use all that much.